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Bistro Pizzeria Jambo

Bistro pizzeria Jambo has a 30 years long tradition and is situated within the historic core of the city of Trogir.

About Us

Bistro guests have an opportunity to enjoy the rich cuisine on the terrace surrounded by ancient walls. The bistro itself is placed inside the part of Barbieri palace with bifor adorned with family coat of arms. Bistro Jambo has been developing the family tradition of food preparation through years with careful selection of ingredients. It offers various types of pasta, risottos, meat and fish dishes, pizzas along with many types of salad and a great selection of vines.

Trogir is located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Split (30 km) and only 6 km from the airport. Since 1997, the old part of Trogir has been on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. Trogir is the best preserved Romanesque Gothic complex in the whole of Central Europe.

The largest building is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, and other famous landmarks are the Kamerlengo Tower, the Tower of St. Mark, the City Lodge, the Ćipiko Palace, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the Kairos Collection. Bistro Jambo is located in the very center of the city and is close to all sights.

We offer a wide selection of wines, mostly domestic, and we also offer cocktails, sparkling wine, homemade aperitifs (made from blueberry, sour cherry, walnut, herbal). Perfect food and atmosphere as well as the whole ambience and staff contribute to a special feeling. Peace and wonderful flavors take you through time and create a sense of belonging to that place.

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Obrov ulica 6, 21220, Trogir
Mob: 091 560 2685
Tel: 021/885 630
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